Threshold Of Faith...

I couldn't be more proud of my work on the new Ben Frost EP (Threshold of Faith)... It features a few mixes from my self that I feel could be some of my best work yet... one is even quite 'pleasant' to listen to... a first for sure!!! More importantly than that it also features some fantastic work from Lawrence English, Paul Corley and Steve Albini... Ben and Paul spent the best part of 10 days with Albini at his Electrical Audio studio last year, I joined them later in the sessions, I pretty much mostly listened to Albini tell great stories... and some work was done too... The end result was over 2 hours of material... I then proceeded mix somewhere near the vicinity of 24 songs... I probably lost my mind... some of it was good though... and I couldn't be more pleased to have my mixes sitting beside Albini and Lawrence's great work... here's one of my mixes... enjoy...

Ben Frost :: Threshold Of Faith - Your Own Blood

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