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Basqueing In the Sunshine...

been an eventful few months...

started out with a few shows with Jessie Ware around the UK, then some more shows with BF in Italy, one in an old fortress... and then our first ever show in Paris.

Then I was off to Basque Country in the north of Spain for over 2 weeks to work with my good friend Luther Russell and Basque band Bizardunak (which translates to "Bearded Ones"!)...

All done on 2"... no Computers... Loads of tape edits @15ips... was such a pleasure to return to my old ways!

Studio Garate, studio owner, Kaki, and the studio dog and cat (Cash & Batman) were just the best! PS give me your U67... NOW!!!

Then I took a break and headed to the north of Sweden in the Arctic Circle for hiking and camping among the reindeer...

Coming up: heading to Reykjavik with Adrian Corker, then more shows with Jessie Ware and Mixing an Album for Melbourne band HOY produced by Pip Norman.

in September look out for Solaris tour dates near you... Volksbühne Theatre, Berlin... Bozar Electronic Art Festival, Brussels... Lucent Dans Theater, The Hague, HOLLAND... NOT to be missed!

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