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Daniel Rejmer - Producer, Mixer & Live Sound

Room40's Lawrence English says this... 

"In 2010, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and I played a show together in Belgrade for the final Dis-Patch festival. It was a pretty stellar eve, made all the more profound by Daniel Rejmer (ex-School of Emotional Engineering). Whilst I had heard about him on copious occasions before this meeting, it wasn't until after experiencing his work that I came to grips with his true talents. That particular evening, he kindly did front of house for myself, Tim and Ben (whom he works with in a pretty much full time capacity these days). What he managed to do, was create an incredible arc of density and sound from his position at front of house that was simply remarkable."


Sonic Masala says this...

"Daniel Rejmer produces his own brand of frigid magnetic hell in the noise vibrations of his release Smedje. The cover art of the cassette is black with a fuzzy Xerox of a tooth – and that is pretty much all you need to know before submerging yourself in the electrified black seas of white static and wavering obliterations that exist within this 40 minute downward spiral. Yet it is fidgety, tetchy, forever restless – a constant battle for supremacy between myriad sinewaves of exacting strength and scrape."

Ben Frost says this...

"Well, actually I have my collaborator slash sound man Daniel Rejmer sitting here who’s been here with me in all these places… he seems to be falling asleep though.

Daniel! Daniel!

Haukur’s on the phone, he wants to know about meals we’ve had on the road… what comes to mind… I’m drawing blanks. It’s all about Tokyo, right?"


The Reykjavik Grapevine says this...

"the music was felt due to increased decibel levels. This showcased an active collaboration with the evening’s soundboard operator, Daniel Rejmer, who helped to push listening to the bitter edge of comfort. This proved a solid reminder that we hear with more than our ears; even my clothes shivered in the presence of such massive bass."

Audio Technology Magazine says this...

Home Grown Interview

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Selected Credits...

Ben Frost:


- Production

- Mixing

Theory Of Machines

- Writing/Performing

- Engineer

The Wasp Factory 

- Orchestral Recording

- Sound Design


- Orchestral Recording

- Live Sound Design


- All Live Sound All The Time For Ever Till The End Of Time

Little Comets:

In Search Of Elusive Little Comets

- Produce

- Engineer

Life Is Elsewhere

- Mix

Hope Is Just A State Of Mind

- Mix


Total Life For Ever

- Engineer


Desired Constellation

- Re-Mix

Dead Light:

Dead Light

- Mix

Matthew Collings:

Splintered Instruments

- Mix

- Engineer

Joris Voorn:

Nobody Knows

- Mix


I'm His Girl

- Producer

Bedroom Community:

Whale Watching Tour/s

- Sound

Tim Hecker:


- Sound

Unsound Festival:

- Sound for Forest Swords, LustmordPaula Temple, Eomac, Severed HeadsDemdike StareRabih BeainiOrphxAnna Zaradny, Prurient



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